Mine, Raise, and Trade the sentient Crystals!

What is CryptoCrystal?

World's first sentient mineral.

CryptoCrystal are sentient Shiny Crystals that have personalities similar to human while being overly cute like pet animals. Each of them is unique being in the Ethereum, with no duplicated DNA structure.

CryptoCrystal is not a CryptoCurrency, but rather a CryptoCollectible. CryptoCrystal has no management operator apart from the smart contract. Every definition in the smart contract will be made public. No one, not even the developers, can change the rarity rates or other aspects of the contract.

Introducing CryptoCrystal

  • Who?

    CryptoCrystal was created as a subproject of Quan Inc., a character/sticker company based in Tokyo with over 4.5 billion global downloads. Eventually, the project was handed over to the Product Lead, Kohei Nakamura, who is a Japanese influencer on Ethereum and the founder of Japan’s biggest Ethereum wallet: tokenPocket. Kohei Nakamura is also an advisor for Double Jump Tokyo and MyCryptoheroes.

  • When?

    CryptoCrystal was launched on May 11, 2018. Notably only 2 months after Axie Infinity.

    Fun fact

    Devin Finzer, Co-Founder of OpenSea, actually approached CryptoCrystal to list them on their new NFT platform as they did not have many projects on there at the time. CryptoCrystal was listed on May 18, 2018, one of the first NFT projects on OpenSea.

Crystal Basics

These identifiers are immutable and cannot be changed.

  • Kinds of Crystals

    There are 100 kinds of shiny Crystals in total. The full list can be found here.

  • Total Supply

    The total supply of Crystals is forever capped to 10,000 Crystals. In the past it was possible to mint and melt Crystals. However, after discussions with the team, we have decided to stop minting and melting.

  • What is valuable?

    The rarity is firstly defined by the kind of Crystal. A Pink Diamond is far more rare than Iron for example. The second rarity trait is the weight of the Crystal. Similar to real life, heavier Crystals are more valuable.

  • Crystal Identifiers

    The name of each Crystal is randomly defined. The weight and kinds of each Crystal are written in the blockchain. The name and imagepath are metadata like other NFTs.

The Game

Kohei Nakamura has also created a mining game with the CryptoCrystal IP in Japan.

The game launched in August 2020 and has accumulated over 70,000 total downloads with 3,000 daily active users thus far (substantial in Japan).

The Future

Inspired by the success of Axie Infinity, CryptoCrystal is looking to implement a play-to-earn model into their future game. The dream is to allow players to collect the valuable Crystals in VR or AR, or in the metaverse, similar to Pokemon GO. One possible use-case is for CryptoCrystal to be the digital jewelry of the metaverse. Stay tuned for updates on the vision!